Tis the Season

Rainey Daze and Crazy Nights

Since I’m trying to get in the spirit of the season and all, I thought these were appropriate for today. Enjoy.

Someone has a sense of humor…

I LOVE Grumpy Cat!

Bahaha! A classic!

I know SEVERAL girls this applies to!



THAT will teach ’em!




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Men And Milk Get Older Not Better


I was getting off the train the other day, and as always my knees and back were creakin and speakin to me in a language I’m too old to try to learn. I noticed another gentleman walking along in front of me, and he too seemed to be having his own conversation with parts that had long since dropped any form of respect for the person they belong to.

It was then I noticed that the bus which was about to deliver me to dinner and then to the bed where old parts go to die, was already at the bus stop a block in front of me. It was about thirty seconds later that I noticed the brake lights coming on. Normally those lights are designed to warn you to back your rear end off or kiss the rear end of the bus ahead of you. What they mean…

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Rocking My 365 Project!

The Elf TP’d Daddy’s Deer Head!


Our Elf on the Shelf *loves* me!

This morning we woke to find Love Bug perched up on one of the antlers of a recently added deer head in our living room.

Said deer head was also covered in toilet paper.


Want some more Elf on the Shelf goodness?

Here’s a list of what our elf has been up to in the past –


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Fretting for Frosty: Anthropologists Search for Maine’s Missing Snowman Population

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

“In the melost_snowmanadow we can build a snowman…”  “Frosty the Snowman was a jolly, happy soul…”

These are just a couple of famous Holiday Song lyrics pertaining to Snowmen, Modern Philosophers.  Right now in Maine, those songs are pretty much the only way for us to access these gentle, playful creatures of winter.  For some reason, the state’s entire Snowman population has vanished!

Anthropologists are worried.  So much so, that they have gathered at the Orono campus of the University of Maine to study this bizarre phenomenon.   Search parties have been formed, and teams have been combing the entire state looking for any sign of the big, round, carrot-nosed beings.  Thus far, their efforts have turned up nothing.

“The Snowmen usually migrate to Maine in late November, and by Pearl Harbor Day, they have taken up residence all over the state,” explained Dr. Marlo Friese, who traveled to Maine…

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